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Ахмет Байтұрсынұлы


The Kazakh language is the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The state language is the language of public administration, operating in all spheres of public relations throughout the state.
KSU “Center for the Development of Languages ​​in the City of Temirtau” of the Department of Culture, Development of Languages, Physical Culture and Sports of the city of Temirtau was established in January 2014 with the support of the Akimat of the city of Temirtau.
The main task of the center:
– educational and educational, methodical activity;
– the implementation of the language policy in the city, the development of the linguistic capital of the population, namely the expansion of the use of the state language and the development of other languages ​​through free courses.
From 2014 to the present, 5296 students have been trained at the center, of which 3211 have completed courses in the Kazakh language, 1852 in English, 233 in Russian.
The center is equipped in accordance with the requirements of the new time. All conditions have been created for citizens to master the state language.
The center has a multimedia room, a Kazakh language room (15 seats), an English language room (18 seats) equipped with a large TV and other technical equipment, and a Russian language room with a projector and screen.
Since 2021, in the building of the “Center for Ethnocultural Associations” on the street. Blucher 13 and “House of Friendship” on the street. 47 builders work Kazakh language classrooms, equipped with technical equipment and furniture
In addition, in 2022, the Onay Til Kazakh language classrooms for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses were opened in the Alem and Eurasia trading houses. These offices are also equipped with technical equipment and special furniture in accordance with modern requirements.


June 2024